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The Best Features Of Epson SureColor P800 Printer

Why would one want to have a wide range of Epson Plotter? Among all the Epson plotters models it is hardly a walk in the park to pick just one. Every Epson plotter’s price seems like a good investment. Apart from the fact that you have to buy them only from the Epson plotters authorized dealers, there is a lot you need to know before putting your money in these printers. After all, it is not every day that you are given the chance to choose what you want for your business. Now that you have the money, all you need is more knowledge to reassure yourself that you are making a good investment. 

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What’s in an Epson plotter printer?

It was in June of 2015 when the Epson SureColor P800 printer was introduced in the market and it has been one of the top choices when it comes to wide-range plotters. It is somewhat the remake of the remarkable  Epson Stylus Pro 3880 only this time it became a bit more compact and offers a wider range of cartridges and colors. The P800 is known to produce a professional level photo minus the price tag that it usually comes with. If this is an inkjet printer, what makes it so different from all the rest? 

Here are the three best features of the Epson SureColor P800 Printer:

  • Nine cartridges which come individually with varying colors to choose from. It only uses the UltraChrome HD pigment system that allows you to produce wonderful prints for a lot less. You can expect the prints to have an edge over those printed using other printers primarily because of the ink quality that this printer has. The new ink set that comes with the P800 printer has 9 different types of colors including various types of black inks. Each type of black ink is designed to produce high-quality prints to match the paper material.
  • The P800 comes with a switching mechanism that allows the printer to make a shift from one type of paper to another. Whether it is a photo blank ink or a matte that is needed at the moment, the printer can detect the type of material that’s used and released just the right ink for it. This allows you to print what you want where you want it without worrying that the ink will blot or fade away. 
  • This printer offers advanced printing technology – the Advanced MicroPiezo AMC. Its print head comes with an ink-repelling coating preventing the ink to blot or slide on the page. It also has a drop on demand technology for an inkjet print head. The price of this printer may seem a bit too costly at one look, but if you look at the benefits that you get out of it, you are pretty sure it will be a worthy investment. 

Why buy from Epson plotter dealers?

You should only buy from an authorized dealer as they could give you the security that you are only buying the best quality plotter in the market. Also, when you have any concerns about the printer, you can easily take it back and have it checked. Will this Epson plotter be a good investment? If you are looking for fine art and high-quality printing for personal use or for business, then this is definitely a strong buy. 

The printer is both roll-fed and sheet so that makes it a bonus for those who are looking at an entry level printer that produces professional quality. It definitely makes it a worthy investment. Would you want to buy it? There’s no doubt that you will and you won’t regret that you did.