What Are Some Print Management Solutions?

Print management solutions are either platforms or software tools that can maximize and streamline the complex printing process. Such solutions offer several benefits such as monitoring, control, and automation features that improve print resource management, reduce expenses, and enhance efficiency. The following are some of the most common solutions for print management:

Secure Printing Process

Document confidentiality is protected when secure printing solutions are implemented. This can be done by requiring user authentication before any printout release. This way you are assured that the printout trays are not filled with sensitive documents. Unauthorized access is also prevented by setting up these solutions.

Accounting and Tracking of Printing Cost

Print management solutions allow you to monitor and keep track of print usage per individual or department. You will be furnished with reports on analytics as regards costs, print volumes, and emerging trends. The company will be able to allocate an appropriate printing budget and figure out some areas where cost reduction can be implemented.

Enables Mobile Printing

There are also what are known as mobile print management solutions. These enable users to print from their mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. These solutions can be convenient, especially for rush print jobs. Compatibility with various mobile platforms is also ensured with the implementation of these solutions.

Management of Print Drivers

Solutions aimed at print driver management help in streamlining the process of managing and distributing printer drivers over any business organization. With these solutions, the right drivers are certainly made available to users. These also simplify the whole process of installing and updating printer drivers.

Managing the Print Queue

Print management solutions enable site administrators to create print queues, which can help in managing and prioritizing print jobs. Some of the features included in such solutions are reducing print bottlenecks, print job scheduling, job prioritization, and queueing, all of these result in a more efficient management of print jobs.

Enforcing Print Policies

The said print management solutions can also help implement print policies and regulations that help restrict any unnecessary print behaviors. Some of these restrictions include printing certain types of files, limited color printing, and limiting the size of printouts. These steps will encourage users to be more responsible in their printing practices, improving printing efficiency as a result.

Cloud-Based Print Management Solutions

Print management can be easily implemented with the use of a cloud-based platform. Some of the features that make these solutions effectively possible are automation, centralized control, and print resource monitoring.